Friday, February 9, 2007

one of the reasons i love to relay

the 2007 relay world in tacoma gets smaller and smaller...with connections like these:
and one of the best things about relay is how everyone comes together in common cause, to find the cure for cancer.

as the webmaster and communications guru for this year's event, i handle the website and coordinate a good deal of the moving parts for the online side. recently, i helped team ahbl get all of their public fundraisers online, and in turn, they inspired our team's chocolate rose bouquets for valentine's day...which is fabulous, since last year's candy grams only raised $1900.

today, in my email i get the following note from ahbl's team captain, ted, with the image of the handmade, custom gift for our team pictured above.
Thanks for being so helpful with all of the fundraising stuff, attached is the gift I would like to give you next week for all of the support you have provided.

absolutely brought tears to my eyes.

have i mentioned how much i love to relay?!? ♥

(ps - we're up above $3300 now for the bouquets!)

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