Wednesday, February 14, 2007

i ♥ valentine's day rose bouquets

team merrill lynch rocks.

in our 4 day sales blitz for the valentine bouquets, we sold just over 200 bouquets (using 4068 hershey's kisses). with the help of kathie, cindy, debbie, linda, janet, and liz, we created the roses and bouquets over the past two weeks...and delivered them all last night.

guess what our final total of funds raised was?


that puts us at approximately $6,000ish for our team total towards our goal of $51,026.

cancer sucks. and that's why we relay.

and we're now $4,700 closer to the cure! :)


Anonymous said...

That's Sweet!!!(Pardon the Pun). Seriously though, great work guys.

Anonymous said...

cancer sucks, so thats why... I love it! GREAT JOB guys!

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