Thursday, November 9, 2006


waikiki beach, before the sun rose...the quietest peace on oahu.

we have arrived...soaking in the rays, creating new tropical cocktails, and slowing life down. i love it.

spent a few quick days in honolulu. climbed diamond head early in the morning, before the heat and tour buses arrived. loved the view from the top - and the view of the hundreds of peeps climbing when we were descending. especially all of the japanese kids who greeted us with "a-roh-ha! a-roh-ha!"

never mind that the younger Japanese guys were very into flatironing their hair, and looked much cuter than i did after the hike up the crater!

spent november 7th at pearl harbor - exactly a month shy of the 65th anniversary of the attack, and our entrance into world war ii. i kept remembering my visit was a wee one with my grandparents, with my grandpa having flown b-17s in the war. a very good reminder to be grateful of the freedoms we have as americans, and especially to those who sacrifice so that we all may be free. ♥ thanks, grandpa, i love you!

a few images from oahu...

stella, in all her glory, climbing up on the railing on the hike up diamond head.

the last freaking set of stairs to climb before reaching the tower to spiral to the top of diamond head.

after reaching the summit, with waikiki in the background.

the uss arizona memorial, with the flag flying from the mast of the arizona.

with the arizona in the background...

and one of my favorite scenes near the super pool at the hilton hawaiian village...and a special thanks to joanie for waking me up at 5:30 in the morning, so i could get this shot before anyone else was up! :)

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Anonymous said...

ah- enjoy the warmth. We'll have a flood (literally) of autumn weather for you when you get back!

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