Saturday, November 4, 2006

all wet.


right now, i was scheduled for photos of the fabulous maddisen and her puppy, but the rain and wind had other plans. big other plans...blowing open all of the cans: recycling, yard waste and trash...while sheets of rain fall from the sky. sheets. maybe even comforters and bedspreads worth. lots and lots of rain.

here's hoping tomorrow afternoon is a little drier so we can do our photos!

maybe i'll just fast forward ahead 48 hours, when vickie, stella and i step off the plane in honolulu...


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Amelia said...

Shelley-have I told you how amazing I think you are? I love this picture...makes me miss Washington and the rain (there certainly isn't enough of it here in WY!) Thanks for the prayers and know you are in mine too! God Bless!

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