Saturday, November 11, 2006

o'dark hundred

the sunrise at haleakala
is the time we left this morning. if you're not familiar with the finer dialect of shelley-ese, then that means 2:30 a.m.

and this is shelley and stella, co-authoring this post to viper's world.

thoughts from stella:
i have never looked worse in my life. i actually look asian in the self-portrait we took after the sunrise. the back seat of a trailblazer isn't the best place to sleep, but it'll do if you're an hour and a half early. shelley, you are an idiot for leaving so early.
thoughts from shelley:
i kept telling myself "it's 4:30 at home. it's really not that early." but it was. it really really was. to put into perspective, while heading to haleakala, one of us (who shall remain nameless) was the recipient of an inebriated telephone call, from guys that were still out from friday night. my favorite part was when stella was freezing, and made the 'stella run' to the blazer...and vickie and i had locked the doors. every single person on the crater heard her screaming. it was the best.
and to share some of our adventures with you from the sunrise...super fabulous image taken by stella, as we were driving back down the crater.
the rocky hillside, taken by stella mo bella

it was really high in the air. :) which is why we were so incredibly cold.
10,000 feet baby!

only seen here, the official worst-ever-self-portrait of the three of us... (and knowing my penchant for self-portraits, that's saying a great deal!) we were very very cold.
we are not going to win any beauty awards at this hour. we promise.

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