Sunday, November 12, 2006

classic moments

anyone who knows my family knows we're famous for some pretty funny moments. while a few i've been sworn to secrecy on, here's two of my favorites...and a few bonus images.

the three of us, discussing what pose will make us look cutest...not paying attention to anything else.

after we'd been sufficiently soaked (i did not sit on my dress during was that wet from the waves)...a good, cute shot of us.

"big k" rolling her eyes, reacting to a "shelley can't believe her parents just did that in public" moment orchestrated by papa. :)

and a few bonus shots...
i love this shot of stella leaping. she's so graceful and demure...well, until she starts speaking. (to clarify, read her about me)

and my favorite from the luau tonight...

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Anonymous said...

Oh what a fabulous time! I was in Hawaii in '98 and had a great time. Everything is SO beautiful! Your pictures are so great--I feel like I had fun right along with you!

Hope all is well!!

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