Wednesday, November 15, 2006

nearly halfway there...

holed up in a little internet cafe in portland, oregon...with a longer than anticipated layover for my flight to frankfurt.

sent off by the tanned vickie and stella last night from maui, stopped in kona, seattle (where the fabulous lindsay milasich brought in a suitcase of cold-weather clothes which I swapped for my warm-weather clothes), flew to portland, heading to frankfurt, then finally to slovenia. five flights later, i will have travelled for 30 hours, though it will seem more like 40 with the time change!

and that includes not 1, but 2 red-eyes! thanks, mike, for pointing that out.

can't wait to arrive, meet the international relay chicks who do this all the time for the american cancer society, and the peeps from the slovenian union, all of whom i have heard great things about.

and it will be really really fabulous to not be on a plane.

really really fabulous.

aloha...until I learn the slovenian greeting! :)

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Anonymous said...

Good luck and God bless!!

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