Thursday, November 16, 2006

live from terme dobrna...

it's about ten p.m. here in slovenia, and we just finished dinner of lentil soup, sardines, potatoes, cabbage, and a few glasses of slovenian wine. it is true culture shock right now - aside from the eleven hour time difference from maui...

there are just two internet computers available in the hotel, and they've locked the hard drive away from me - otherwise, i would show you the beautiful slovenian hills i see from my room. we have a spa in the hotel - complete with 9 different thermal treatments, and a chocolate and honey massage that i cannot wait to have.

the countryside is beautiful - lots of churches and small marian shrines every so often along the roadway. not as many speak english as i had anticipated - but our four course dinner (see above) with nearly a bottle and a half of wine is $15.40ish USD or 2400 slovenian tolar. i do like this place. =)

the small cultural differences...
  • the kezboard is so different. the Z and Y are in different spots and simplz tzping mz blog site is difficult to do easilz. i keep deleting what i am tzping.
  • the onlz english channels i have on tv are animal planet, discoverz channel, cnn, and the cartoon network.
  • have i mentioned how much i love the exchange rate?
and mz happz joz...
mz blackberrz is international! michael g (the onlz one up in the middle of the night at home) and i texted when i was in germanz, and brian marlow and i have kept up since he's in new zork on eastern time at an acs meeting.

all for now...time for bed, and after a week of hawaiian dailz mass, i am hoping to take in a slovenian dailz mass in the morning before training. good night!

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Anonymous said...

wow. have a great time!

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