Saturday, November 18, 2006

dobro vite...

good morning!

a fabulous day yesterday...starting with mass in slovenian at 7 am. though there are catholic churches on every hillside (honest to god, from the restaurant last night, i could see three of them within walking distance, all illuminated beautifully at night)...i was blown away at the beauty of the church near my hotel. i walked up the hillside and opened the heavy iron doors, to find a sanctuary that sat just 200 people - but had four altars. the walls were ornate and beautiful - like i've seen in basilicas in italy.

the slovenes are a no-nonsense people - mass was 21 minutes long, without the sign of peace. i love being anywhere in the world and knowing what is happening throughout - no matter the language. that is inclusive. :)

we are off for our second day of training now - to žalec, where the relay for life is held. it should be midnight at home...and i can hardly believe i am wide awake. vickie and michael g would be so proud!

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