Sunday, October 15, 2006

a rainy, rainy sunday

in oregon.

a great weekend with a kind and gracious family...from a fabulous violin/piano duet specially prepared, to fresh baked apple pie, to waking up to little feet connected to little smiles who just wanted to talk early early in the blessed in my time spent there.

of all the beautiful days in the past few weeks, we ended up with rain on the one day we had for photos. thankfully (for me!) the whole gang was flexible and was willing to try just about anything asked of them. :)

a few of my favorites are below....with a few added to through my eyes.

little meaghan, chris's youngest sister, at seven years old. the most flexible child i have ever seen. wrapping her legs up and behind her head, climbing all over things...she reminds me of a wee little stella. makes so much sense as to why she's called the little 'monkey'!

clare, the high school senior. a genuine, servant heart. loved taking her senior photos...especially the one, in the rain, in her prom dress. infinitely more graceful than me! :)

brigid, wise beyond her nine years. filled with stories and ideas and thoughts. explained to me all about her rosaries, special rocks on her nightstand, books she's read, and places she's been.

the two girls in their ballet outfits - having one whole week of ballet lessons under their belt. their personalities shine in this - brigid poised and ready, and meaghan leaping into the photo. she is a blur of motion too fast for the shutter i used. but it describes them both so well.

clare's bright blue eyes, surrounded by curls bigger than mine.

and one last one...the two little ones, cheesing in their new dresses.

thank you for a fabulous weekend!


Anonymous said...

You're welcome...thanks for coming...and for your painting expertise!

Marie said...

They are so darn cute!! I love it!! Oh, to be so carefree and happy like that. Childlike youth and faith - now I know what He is talking about!

Anonymous said...

Those are excellent pictures. You'll have to tell me how you captured them. What camera and which settings did you use?

shelley said...

thank you! :)

all of the images posted were shot with my canon digital rebel xt with 24-70L 2.8 lens. the f-stop was mostly between 2.5-5.6 to blur the background. shutter speed was between 1/125 and 1/500, depending on the light.

no flash. ever. ever ever ever.

and because it rained so much, we ended up throwing the black velvet backdrop up near the garage door for some closeups. there was enough light and the rain didn't frizz everyone's hair (except for mine!).

and it didn't hurt that they are all great subjects! :)

Anonymous said...

Okay Clare this is the best pix of you. Meghan and Brigid your photos are soo cute. Shelley you are really talented. Molly

Anonymous said...

Your photos always amaze me. Why can't you be closer??? I'd TOTALLY have you do some shots of us! Grr.

Plan on coming out to Chicago once we have a baby, 'kay?

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