Tuesday, October 10, 2006

forks, by the numbers

i am a nerd. i know that. i love numbers. so here's the rundown of my day, by the numbers...
  • miles on the road (round trip) - 320
  • hours on the road - 6ish
  • miles per gallon - 27.6
  • relay for life of forks leadership team meetings i crashed - 1
  • times pulled over - 1
  • tickets i received - 0
  • cool photos that i missed because i left my rebel at home - 4
  • length of voice mail that dave "i'm not wordy" rosholm left me (in minutes) - 6
  • how happy it makes me that michael g is on the rfl leadership team - priceless :)


Kris said...

Excuse me kind of left out the details on the "times pulled over" today. What's up with that? What did you do?

Anonymous said...

You are a nut. I love your new masthead.

I wish I could meet you in person you living-so-freaking-far-away person!

Kayfire said...

glad you didn't get a ticket!
you are great!
nice recruiting with Michael G!

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