Tuesday, October 17, 2006

for my super fabulous prayer warriors

if you wouldn't mind keeping these intentions in your prayers...
  • for karl, who got me out of bed this morning at 2:45 to pick him up across town and take him home. for the good decisions he's beginning to make (starting with the phone call), and for the challenges he'll face over the upcoming weeks. for strength, perseverance and direction in finding the path he is called to be on.
  • for stacey, whose father was killed last night in a tragic accident. for peace and comfort in this time of sadness in her family. for stacey and her brother, for her boys, his siblings, and the repose of his soul.

thanks. ♥


Anonymous said...

I've been praying for Stacey's family without even knowing it. I edited that story this morning at work, and it resonated with me, as my dad worked at Nalley's for 30+ years. I knew that hearing that story would break my dad's heart. I will keep praying for Stacey and her family.

And get this: My mom was with Karl's mom tonight. Weird. Small world.

Marie said...

Prayers and thoughts with Stacey and the family. Such a tragedy :(

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