Tuesday, October 3, 2006

happy birthday to lady kristine

and to lady kristine, a special birthday wish...
guess what her present is?
it's the answer to last year's riddle...

there's a chance that i held onto it, and never gave it to her...
so her 39th birthday (for the first time) is as good as any time to give it to her! :)


Kris said...

Thank you miss mauss! I'm glad my box did not contain rocks or smell like socks!
I can't wait to play with the eye art...quite possibly NOT on a work day - just to make sure I get it semi-right. Old age has a way of making the hands unsteady and the eyesight not so clear!
The Birthday Girl

Anonymous said...

By the way, although looks can be deceiving...I am not on drugs in this photo or any other!!!!! Geez, my eyes are creepy-even to me!

shelley said...

um...that would be because your eyes are two different colors.

that is why they look creepy. :)

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