Thursday, October 5, 2006

bits and pieces

...of my life this week.

loved the premiere of lost last night. hard to sit through commercials (as mike says, "i can't watch it on tv because of the suspense, it makes me want to shoot my brains out. i'll wait for the dvd.") but loved seeing the utopian society that watched the plane crash when flight 815 went down.

heading to ellensburg this weekend to see vickie's new casa. fall is in the air now, so expect a few autumn-y photos from our adventures!

sweet spots that you'll find my photos...

in the 2007 national relay for life calendar:
screaming - from the relay for life of kent
the glow - from the relay for life of trail, british columbia (rumored to potentially also be in the national year-end report for international relay for life)

in the latest dappled things, the mary, queen of angels edition... a very fabulous online literary magazine for young catholics...some incredible essays and artwork:
icon of the sacred heart

on the cover of 'take it to the track', the great west division newsletter for the american cancer society, as well as the trading cards for the 'engaging your lineup' workshop at the leadership summit in reno (where i taught the fundraising workshop):
i can sorvive!

and on the cover of the boeing employees credit union october newsletter:
the babbitts on the instant gratification


Kris said...

now that I'm famous, there will be a small fee for my autograph!

Ryder said...


Marie said...

You are too cool, way too cool.

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