Sunday, October 8, 2006


the three of us overlooking the valley as queens of ellensburg...

spent the weekend at vickie's new home on 5 acres in e-burg...with her orchard, fields with actual cows in them (as stella and i would say, "mooooo"), fruit trees with apples, pears, and plums, and some cool fun projects ahead for her next adventure in home ownership. trusting that this chapter in her life involves no faulty wiring or flames or reasons for another housecooling. :)

a few photoadventures ensued - from the back alleys of downtown ellensburg (where else can you find a wall like the one below?) to a random barn off the beaten path...

i'm still unpacking and going through weekend projects, so here are just a few of my favorites...

and not surprisingly, there were comments made by the passersby as this photo was shot.

vickie's sweet idea to climb the stairs...good stuff.

left to right
stella: #1 on the list of people that "michael g would never want mad at him"
shelley: #2 on that list, but enjoying a moment with the flora
vickie sue: i seriously have no obnoxious photos of her to post. so she gets one where she looks good. :)

near the barn that we found off a long trail...

thanks, you two, for a super fabulous weekend. i love you.


kilipohi said...

You are getting so good at taking pictures. Everyone looks so good!

shelley said...


they're just good looking. :)

Amy said...

Vickie's eyes are so amazing in the last photo, and Stella's new smile is perfect. Beautiful...just beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

you girls all look so good!

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