Sunday, October 1, 2006

random musings on the weekend

in no particular order...
  • my first weekend home in over a month. in fact, tonight is my first night home with nothing to do in weeks. i love it.
  • cleaned out the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and linen closet. washed more sheets and blankets than i knew i had.
  • started painting the white trim on the house - preparing for the new shutters to arrive this week
  • launched the 2007 relay for life of tacoma website
  • learned that a video camera is pretty hysterical when combined with the fabulous foursome and a night at six olives. i believe there is footage of me singing on 6th ave....but don't expect to find it here!
  • loved spending time with the EM girls last had been much too long. and amy's got just 57 days of work left until she leaves for steubey!
  • lots of fun shooting photos this weekend - and my weekends are getting booked in anticipation of the holidays. i love that. it makes me happy.
and finally, the adventure that kept saturday exciting...
  • paint for my house $600
  • trim, light fixtures, new mailbox, house numbers, shutters, and doorbell $475
  • learning that my new chi flatiron causes my back porch light to stop working...priceless

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah for a free weekend! I can't stand it when I'm run ragged all week just to have a super-busy weekend as well. Kick back and enjoy:-)

That is really funny about the flatiron. Your back porch lights have issues, don't they?

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