Wednesday, August 30, 2006

to be weedy

spent the afternoon at l'arche tahoma hope this afternoon...

a fabulous intentional community for people with developmental disabilities. a crew from merrill volunteered today - spending several hours weeding, helping out, and learning about the work that's done out there.

and yes, i weeded. though it's painfully obviously from my own yard that i am terrible at weeding, i weeded there. guess it's a different motivation! :)

the l'arche community in tacoma was started by two jesuits in 1977 (yes, it's as old as me), and continues to grow and serve today. they have flowers, veggies, and arts and crafts that are made on site and sold to sustain the community.

a great afternoon...just in time for fall.

and two last ones...
when you make fun of my gardening skills, you will find yourself on viper's world with a goofy grin. don't you look so cute, joanie?

i love this frog that joan's daughter found...just before it jumped out of her hands...

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