Tuesday, August 29, 2006

circle journal: good things

this week's circle journal is all about martha - clearly, it's claudine's journal, one of martha's biggest fans. :)

since everyone was so incredibly layer-y and crafty for this book (in true martha style), i decided to make my pages more like an actual martha stewart living magazine - with the cover and an inside story featuring the wedding invitation i made.

the cover summed up some of the now-infamous stories, and the story inside highlighted a bit about michael and kristine, and why their marriage is a good thing.

using my absolutely favorite photo of the bridesmaids (because we all look like we're naked in church), i designed the cover and eyedropped the colors to match the pew and lighting for the second page. the franklin font was the closest i could come to martha's font - because, obviously, she had her fonts custom designed for the magazine and i could not find them anywhere on the internet. what a bugger. i also designed a mini-version of the invite for the second page, matched the colors as well (those the page color is at 20% opacity of the lighter color), rotated it a bit, and drop shadowed it like a martha stewart living page prop.

loved how it turned out. it's funny how the pages are getting more challenging as you see everyone else's pages ahead of you - the pressure to perform!! :) i am so excited to get my "who am i?" book just a few short weeks!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pages Shelly and I now have your's :) Haven't started yet though, better get crackin. But I couldn't do it last night, not when MY love Wentworth is on.....Ok I will share with you

Anonymous said...

clever girl, you!

Anonymous said...

The pic on my blog looks like I'm naked in church too, from when I was a bridesmaid. My husband loved the view:-)

That layout is amazing. I can't wait to get yours next!! And yes, the pressure to perform better than those before you is suffocating! Bigger and better.

BTW--my V-word is ypigs. How cool is that? (smile)

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