Thursday, August 3, 2006

live from the hammer

the central!

finished setting shaughnessy hall for the reception, checked all the family into the hotel, and now blogging my favorite picture of grandpa and brandon, taken after we finished assembling 300 wedding programs at sacred heart.

so much fun to have our family here to share in this weekend. especially fabulous that grandpa, at 92 years old, made the journey out here from iowa with my aunt and uncle.

my favorite mauss family moment came when the fam was trying to get back to the hotel from the church, and something was wrong with the sequoia. my dad and uncle (sons of a former owner of a car dealership) couldn't figure out why it wasn't moving when he put it into they unloaded the car and started filling mom's car with all the luggage.

and eight-year-old brandon pipes in...

"uncle tom, have you checked to see if the parking brake is on?"

heh heh heh. the eight-year-old figured it out. :)

wedding countdown...26 1/2 hours to go!


Anonymous said...

Since I can't be there, it's great to hear what's happening, I love the picture of Mark and Brandon too!

Kris said...

The only thing that would have been better with the car story would have been if Brandon was a girl! Leave it to the guys to look past the obvious! Way to go Brandon!

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