Thursday, August 3, 2006

the night before the big day

the rehearsal at sacred heart...the rehearsal dinner at hotel bellwether...martinis at poppe's with vickie, stella, molly, my aunt, uncle, second uncle and all the boys...doesn't get much better than that.

oh yes, it does.

my little brother is getting married tomorrow!!

things that meant the most to me tonight...papa's toast with tears in his eyes, mike's sharing to me - topped the senior share night - i love you so much!, stella and vickie's super fabulous lemon wedding gift, father dave and his wisecracking rehearsal lines, and seeing mike and kristine prepare for the most life changing day they'll have.

can't wait for the wedding. cannot wait.

a few photos before i head to bed...up early for hair appointments and getting ready for the big day.

aren't we an incredibly fabulous looking bunch?
(left to right)
aunt carol, aunt sue, kristine, mike, my cousin molly (with mom and aunt darcy right next to her), brandon, me, papa, uncle bill, second uncle bob, and grandpa...

and the all-time best conversation while walking down the aisle in the rehearsal at sacred heart...and taking a self-portrait...

"you are the luckiest guy on earth right now."
"no, you are the luckiest girl on earth."

later, while walking back down the aisle and out of the church...
"i am the luckiest guy on earth."

good man. :)


Anonymous said...

congrats to your brother! have a fabulous time with your family, your sister in law and brother are very cute together too!

Seminarian said...

See ya at the wedding!

Anonymous said...

he IS the luckiest guy on earth!

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