Tuesday, August 1, 2006

oh, to circle

one of the busiest weeks of this year, and what am i doing? designing the inside cover to my circle journal project that's due to be mailed next week.

a scrappy girl's gotta have her priorities.

so excited for gals. i know only two - andrea and dana - so far. the fabulous thing is that through the beauty of blogging, i have started to get to know the others, if only virtually.

each of us picked a theme for our own books, and each week for the next seven weeks, we will complete a page for the circle journal we receive in the mail, and pass it along. when the cycle is finished, we will each have our original journal back - full of pages made by each of the gals, in our theme.

the themes...
  • andrea, beaverton, oregon - top 5
  • claudine, beaverton, oregon - good things
  • samantha, wheaton, illinois - happiness
  • dana, west linn, oregon - inspire
  • me, the thriving metropolis of tacoma, washington - who am i
  • andi, bellingham, washington - small joys
  • jaclyn, gresham, oregon - quotes
my pages, for everyone's books, will be done using my super fabulous photoshop cs2, and i'm guessing i will be the only multimedia geek of the bunch. it will be fun, though, to have actual layered paper and embellishments in my hands again when i see their pages.

and my favorite moment of the evening... 60% of the way into printing 300 wedding programs...

"shel? i think there's a misspelling on the cover."

lots going on tomorrow...meeting with clients, finishing the covers to the programs (with the latin double-checked before going to print) going to judy's celebration of life, picking up my cousin who i haven't seen in 5 years, packing up for the wedding, and heading to bellingham for mikey's wedding in just three short days!!


Anonymous said...

you are the woman! could your life get any busier?! thanks for making the time to be part of our circle journal! love the LO by the way!

Anonymous said...

That is amazing. I can't wait to 'meet' you and learn all new layouts.

Looks great! Thanks for playing!

Marie said...

Best wishes for all of you at the wedding. Every exciting! Can't wait to see the pictures. Drive safe and God bless.

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