Sunday, August 13, 2006

circle journal, week two

this week's journal (which may even be printed and mailed on time!) is from dana...her theme is "inspiration".

of course, my fabulous little cousin takes center stage on this one. he is such a source of joy for me...from his wild ideas to his creative streak to his blunt honesty, at times he feels like a mini-me. poor kid. :)

for the specs...


Anonymous said...

I *love* the colors! Great choices! I can't wait to get your journal. Not only because I love the digital aspect, but also because I love talking about myself (SMILE!)

Thanks for the great blog comment. I'm glad my pain amuses you :-)

Anonymous said...

I thought for sure it would be Viper!
Cant wait to see the digital diva layouts live and in person!

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