Sunday, August 13, 2006

of bells and lake tapps

a beautiful wedding yesterday, held in edgewood and out at lake tapps.
one of the kissiest couples ever. i loved it.

one of my favorite moments was just after the wedding, when the couple was ringing the bells, and the rope started to get caught up between them...

they met in paris, and there were little french touches all the way through - from the hand-painted bottle of wine flown in from france, to the sparkly eiffel tower she wore under her dress.

they have four children between them (who were the bridal party) and as soon as we reached the reception, the kids were in their swimsuits and in the lake. gotta love that.

and because they wanted to show off their jumping skills...
here's their 80+ degree water joy...


kilipohi said...

Your pictures continue to amaze me. I hope one day you will pass all your knowledge down to me.

Kris said...

You have such talent! I hope one day to be walking down the street and stop by the store front for Shelley Mauss Photography!

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