Tuesday, August 15, 2006

relaying in the summer

lots of relay goodies going on right now in anticipation of 2007...tidying up the RFL website last night and tonight - here are some of the changes:
  • uploaded the summer newsletter - check out the #1 team! and check the photos, see if you recognize any names... :)
  • sent out the "theme the 2007 relay" email to all the relayers who are registered online...details on the website. a few hours later, there are already nearly half a dozen submissions. (helen bobbitt...when you read this, i expect some ideas! thanks, sunshine!)
  • finalized my plans for celebration on the hill in washington dc...set up a new page so we can blog on-site at the event...keep it bookmarked so you can keep up with us when we relay in dc next month! (if you want a sneak peek to the mini-blog site, click on the photo above)
  • started prepping for the relay leadership summit in reno. i have a few weeks to get my workshops on fundraising ready to go. almost there...excited to get down there and see everyone!
  • started reviewing my interview questions for the taping on friday...more to come on my 'ninety seconds of fame'!
  • finished the prep for my conference call in the morning...somewhat related to the 'ninety seconds' above...but completely focused on merrill being more bullish on the cure!

time to run viper around outside, and head to bed. i love sleep. i need more of it. or i need more hours in a day. not quite sure which, in the big picture, would be better.

maybe i'll sleep on it. :)

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