Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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never a dull moment.

the saturday night of mike and kristine's bachelor/bachelorette parties, karl called me in tears. one of his friends, michael tome, died tragically on saturday morning. mike is the second of sixty kids from karl's 8th grade graduating class at st. charles to pass away...already. neither reached their 21st birthdays.

i got to know mike when i volunteered at st. charles, and he was in the high school youth group. he was a great kid - who was always full of ideas on how to trick out my honda accord - and it was heartbreaking to learn of his death.

his funeral was monday morning. i'll give fr. mike e-props - it was the absolute best homily i've ever heard for a 50/50 catholic/non-catholic crowd. it also made me so grateful for the catholic mass - the perfect way to help begin healing to a life-changing experience.

it's been on my heart - the challenge of kids who don't immediately go onto college right after high school...they lose the community they need so desperately, especially the faith community. gives me a greater appreciation for those in college ministry. to michael g, mikey, fr. dave and now to rachael at western - you guys help keep things together. i wish every graduating senior had someone like you in their life. throw out a few more prayer requests to all my super fabulous prayer warriors...if you wouldn't mind adding these in:
  • for the repose of mike's soul, and for the tome family
  • for the wife of lady kristine's dad, as she prepares to take on her just-diagnosed brain cancer. for kris's dad and family as well - peace, strength and courage.
  • for mama g as she continues treatment.
  • for michael and kristine's upcoming wedding...for all who are traveling to bellingham, and most importantly, for their marriage
thanks. i appreciate it so much. ♥

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