Saturday, July 22, 2006

lazy saturdays

for the last two days, the hard drive to my dell has been on the floor of my playroom...

completely taken apart.

with the help of 58 minutes on the phone with the guy from dell, he helped me test every piece of hardware in my hard drive - and i learned how to remove my dvd drive, cd drive, video card, memory, and boards from my computer. then he told me the motherboard was not working - and dell would be out 'next business day' to replace it. so far, 'next business day' is turning into '3 business days later'...and at this rate, he's going to be lucky if viper doesn't tear him apart when he gets there. cannot wait to get it fixed.

thus, i blog from out at the house in the harbor - where i slept in the sun, kayaked, slept some more, and caught up on blog reading on the super fabulously fast internet connection out here. i'm downloading itunes for mom and dad, and setting them up to receive a bunch of podcasts for cardinal arinze, mother angelica and catholic answers. at this point, they told me not to tell them too much about itunes, so they aren't overwhelmed by all the technology. :)

without my own computer at home, washed and waxed the car early this morning, fertilized and watered every plant i own, deep-cleaned the floors and deep-conditioning-hair-masked the dog, read up on organic foods (i am actually planning to go into marlene's tomorrow. be careful - the world stop turning) and had a great shrimp dinner with the fam.

it was a fabulous july summer night.

offering up a prayer to st. isidore for the hard drive...for i am beginning to go through withdrawal. ;)

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