Wednesday, July 26, 2006


god is helping me learn how to sacrifice time with my dell.

i get to 'offer it up'!

the dell guy has been to the house twice, both times leaving without a working hard drive...and he's coming back today...hopefully - to leave with the exact opposite experience of the last two days!

had two super fabulous run-ins yesterday. the first one was from my bud from college, rob. haven't seen him since he graduated from the u of portland 8 years ago...he's been in california ever since. he simply said, "hey, i'm going to stop by your office today and say hi. did i mention that i'm only about 20 miles away from you right now?"

so fun to see him...he reminded me of the times i tormented him - when a few gals and i filled his entire car with packing peanuts and THEN completely toilet papered it, when we used to embarrass him (really, when have i ever done that to anyone?!?) in a crowd of women, and it brought me back to college. it was a fabulous blast from the past.

had dinner last night with miss jeannie, who makes my day whenever i see her. going to get some shots of her before she heads back to college, and can't wait to share her beauty as i (and the rest of the world) see it.

lots of fun stuff coming up this week - the relay wrap-up, miss jennifer's birthday party, shooting my first wedding on saturday, and time with stella and vickie on sunday. picking up my cousin next wednesday and heading north to bellingham for the wedding on friday...

and how fun will it be to have my dell back for all of it?!?


Marie said...

so, what happened? I need the next chapter of shelley's life...

Anonymous said...

boo to computer issues! I will send you good thoughts. Happy summering!

Anonymous said...

I bet I know where you got the packing peanuts from - did you make him eat one? hahaha - BTW your presence is being requested on my blog

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