Wednesday, July 19, 2006

the estrogen militia does ellensburg

pictured left to right...
stella, me, vickie, rachael, honorary member tammy, amy and liz

after the race on thursday, vickie opened up her home to two exhausted, triathletes. we got there in time for a spaghetti feed with her neighbors (with lemon cheesecake, how did they know i was going to be there?!?) and a good night of sleep. spent most of friday chilling and recovering in the hot eastern washington sunshine, and the rest of the estrogen militia arrived to vic's friday night for our annual float the river trip.

there are a good deal of fun photos from the weekend, but only a few made the cut to be viewed by the world wide web. :)

spent saturday rafting the upper yakima river. normally - floating would describe it - but with the high winds and the quick river, it was more like rafting. so much to see - from the whiskey island of the p.l.u. guys, to the endless birds who felt the need to aim for our rafts, to the super fabulous rill adventures, who made rafting an incredible breeze. we loved it.

while on the river, i only had one tussle with a tree.

that makes it a fabulous trip.

a few more shots...
amy and tammy, out from wisconsin...coupled with rachael's bloggable drink. click on it to see just what was in it. :)

liz, vickie and nicole...tearing it up em-style at the oak rail.
we were all getting our groove on. well, everyone but stella.

p.s. this wouldn't be a great post without a photo of Stella's really cute...swimsuit. :)


Amy said...

No one has mistaked me for Liz before. That is okay with me cause she is a pretty gal!!! :)

shelley said...

sheesh! forgive me! :)

what was i doing?!?

Amy said...

*** I love your new profile photo, it is super cute *** :)

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