Thursday, May 18, 2006

welcoming zoomy

enter the newest member of shelley's lens family.

the canon 24-70 f2.8L wide angle telephoto zoom lens.

there really aren't words to describe it. but the photo above should start to show you how much i love it. first reason...

i can do self-portraits again!!

for someone who loves self-portraits, having a 24 mm lens is a dream. with canny the canonlens, a 85mm fixed lens, you would need 4.5 foot long arms to be able to take the shot.

it's got a fabulous "blur" when lowering the f-stop, as witnessed above. it focuses on my cheek and smile, while blurring the rest (including my sunshine-induced peeling nose, earrings and shoulder). it is uber-fabulous when shooting portraits, focused images on one portion of the photo, with unbelievable color saturation.

i love it.

and i've only shot photos in my backyard so far.

hoping to make it to kent tomorrow night, for the relay for life of kent. i spoke at their team captain university, and am excited to see how the captains and teams do overall. kent's relay is the largest in the northwest, behind our very own tacoma event. i hope to get some great photos of the survivor lap, and possibly luminaria if i can last that long.

looking forward to using it next weekend at the relay for life of trail, british columbia. i have nine days to come up with something fabulously motivating and inspiring at the opening ceremonies, as i will be serving as an american ambassador to the canadian cancer society.

lots of opportunities for some fabulous photos.

thank you, in advance, to everyone who will be asked to smile for zoomy. :) i love you! ♥

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Anonymous said...

You rock! Thanks for sharing your link to these fab photos! Hope you are taking them in the highest resolution possible. You inspire me! I miss seeing your happy face, so it was good for me to visit you here. Cheers to you my friend. Let me know when you travel East and vice versa - promise!! Nancy

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