Friday, May 19, 2006

food for thought

taken from today's comments on open book, regarding peeps' experiences with the da vinci code. made me think, perhaps it might give you food for thought as well.

{it's important to note that my aunt was confirmed in the Faith a few weeks back, and selected St. Mary Magdalene for her confirmation name. }

tom writes...
I was at daily Mass soon after the release of the DVC. I had heard about the book, but really didn't care too much. I wasn't going to read it because I knew it was just more Catholic bashing. But I wasn't going to defend the faith either. However the priest said a few short words about the book and how it was offensive to all Christians; especially towards the great Saint Mary Magdalene. She was beset by demons, found true everlasting peace in Jesus Christ and stayed with Him throughout until His death and resurrection. He said we should all be like Mary Magdalene. She was not someone's girlfriend, but such a powerful figure in our Faith and we should not let this lie proceed any further. It got me thinking about Mary Magdalene and her great faith and had a powerful impact on me. I also started rebutting other's claims about the "truth" of the DVC.

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