Wednesday, May 17, 2006

black thumbs

"I have no plants in my house.
They won't live for me.
Some of them don't even wait to die,
they commit suicide."
-Jerry Seinfeld

it seems like since the first of the month, all kinds of things have needed a little adjusting, repairing, or changing...and i am NOT the person for the job!
  • a new dvr, courtesy of comcast
  • a destroyed and repaired hard drive in the dell dimension
  • three lightbulbs (i would rather stub every toe on each foot from wandering in the dark before i would change a lightbulb...)
  • a new sprinkler
  • an entire bottle of weed-b-gone on one half of my front yard. i held a memorial service for the weeds as they embraced the foamy goodness of the weed killer. i shed a tear. then i put another bottle on my home depot list. their weedy family members on the other side of the lawn need to be on guard. i'm on the prowl.
  • new brakes for the bmw
  • i actually did trim my front trees under the guidance of my very garden-y fabulous neighbor...thank you, liz! they look all nice and they should after their first trimming by me in five years...
  • an entire bottle of drano to fix the clogged sink (you do NOT want to know what karl thought he could dispose of in there...and he assumed that the bathroom sink had a garbage disposal. it most certainly does not. and i still cringe thinking about it.)
  • the garage door remote...two times over.
the best part is that i have now purchased TWO of the wrong remotes for my garage door, and i am still unable to get in! if you own HD stock, you are in the money!

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