Sunday, May 7, 2006

in remembrance

today marks the five year anniversary of my grandma's death.

known for her wit, her laugh, and her no-nonsense attitude, she and my grandpa raised my dad, aunt and uncles in a strong catholic home, which in turn, produced a generation of fabulous grandchildren. :) a photo, circa twenty-ish years ago of mikey and me, hangs in my kitchen with a magnet ("we love grandma") that i gave her years ago.

she loved her catholic faith - proudly beaming at my uncle's ordination to the deaconate, praying for the conversion of my mom, and embracing the rosary throughout her life as she prayed for each of us in her family.

one of the things i love about the faith is the communion of saints - by which i have asked her to keep several of my prayer intentions close to her heart. i'm confident she does, as she was always a stubborn woman, and i can only imagine her in heaven as she intercedes. st. mary, patron of the finger-waggers. :)

i continue to be blessed by her each day in the time i spend with my papa - and i couldn't ask for a better gift than that.

"Thou hast made us for thyself,
and our hearts are restless
until they rest in thee."
- St. Augustine

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