Sunday, May 7, 2006

i am not good at this, not good at all

being sick.

climbing into bed last night with a fever of nearly 101, it was almost impossible to sleep. but since i was exhausted, i found myself sleeping until 10 this morning. honestly, i have to count back years since i've slept in that late. the fevah' had fallen to just under 100 by the morning, and i am still in my pajamas now. can't quite remember the last time i've been in the peejees all day.

a few thoughts...
  • i am terrible at being sick. i cannot sit still long enough to rest. i'm working on that.
  • today was mcdreamy day - patrick dempsey in can't buy me love, sweet home alabama, and grey's anatomy. it is impossible to get enough of him. even took in a podcast of dr. mcdreamy and meredith.
  • kris and stella rock my socks. in so many ways.
  • signed up for a fabulous photography class online, from jinky art. anyone who names their class "memories that rock!" is perfect for me.
  • the fabulous luminous color glaze by john frieda (that i have fallen in love with) does not work all that well on dogs. trust me. yesterday, viper had both a deep conditioning hair mask and a brilliant brunette color glaze. and yes, she is soft and fluffy. but no, she is not a brunette.
  • the first week with karl in my home was remarkably uneventful. he's a pretty good roommate, and all the prayers are definitely being felt. thank you.

all for now, finishing up a few things, then off to tonight's grey's anatomy, and then to bed.

sweet dreams.

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Kris said...

I told you that you were sick. "Oh no". You should never doubt a mother silly girl. I'm sorry you feel poorly. I hope you are back to your smiley self soon! Take care and get some rest. Don't forget the fluids!!!!

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