Monday, May 8, 2006

the first shower of wedding season

a little from the other night...

the first shower was held at my parents' house in gig harbor - a good mix of old and new from michael's life...a number of them meeting kristine for the first time.

the cake had an enlarged sugary copy of the invitation, and mom ordered a custom base for the willow tree couple above, inscribed with "kristine and michael: 8-4-06". the "promise" couple is noted with this phrase, "hold dear the promise of love".

the top photo of kristine and michael is while they're opening the gift from her parents (hi chuck and karen! ♥), in a huge victoria's secret bag. mike was a little leery opening up the bag in front of 40ish people, until he realized the bag was a joke, and there was nothing frilly inside. it was funny. we all laughed.

a good night, celebrating the couple and all that's ahead for them.

et erunt duo in carne una

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