Monday, May 8, 2006

random musings for a monday

finally, the slideshow from alki last promised to amy, linds, and rachael. sorry it's way late!

i love this slideshow style from slide - addicted to it. i've used it in three sidebar, a new one on the relay for life of tacoma website, and above. unbelievably easy to use (right up my alley) and using square photos - which i am also addicted to right now.

starting to go a little crazy at home.

viper's been in heaven, having me home for two days nonstop. especially when i shared some of my favorite breakfast with her (baked chicken with sharp cheddar and organic marinara sauce - weird, i know). little did i know that when she'd dive into it, she'd come up covered in marinara. a sight to behold. earned an immediate bath. no luminous color glaze this time, though.

ready to be outside these four walls. or at least where i'm not falling asleep every place i sit down because it reclines. :)

but you know what? god bless recliners. they make me happy. and sleepy. speaking of...

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