Thursday, April 6, 2006

one week until...

lent is over!

my lenten commitment has been a great challenge for's hopefully going to stay on as a metanoia in my life as the liturgical year flips into Easter season, ordinary time and beyond.

tonight was the first night i had a few hours at home to catch up on "home-y" stuff...finished three loads of wash, two loads of dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and dining room from a dinner party from two nights ago, gave viper a deep conditioning treatment (she is now the softest, fluffiest, most high maintenance pooch in the north end), caught up on prison break (oh, wentworth, when are you going to come across viper's world, and realize that i'm the one for you?!?) and grey's anatomy (in which i realized that everyone has their own mcdreamy), and caught up on my through my eyes, of which i have really slacked in the past few days.

a few of my favorite photos i posted...
the blast zone
sunrise at haleakala
in her mom's hands

kristine is coming up tomorrow for the weekend...stations, registries, invites and general wedding merriment. feels good to have such a fabulous new sister into the fam.

and ps...
confidential to liz regarding the photo above...your e-mail just now made me cry. ♥
as they say...coincidence is god's way of remaining anonymous. :)
give paige a big hug from me for her birthday!

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