Monday, April 3, 2006

i've been published!

my first photography submission ever...and it made the cover!

dappled things is a new magazine for young Catholics - the under 35 set - to engage the literary world from a Catholic perspective. they pledge complete faithfulness to the teachings of the Church as expressed by the Bishop of Rome and the Church's Magisterium.

i'm pretty humbled at being considered among some of these fabulous peeps, including blogger eve tushnet. i originally heard from a little shout out on amy welborn's open book and thought about submitting...

and they published my photo in the lent/Easter issue!
{taken at sacred heart catholic church in bellingham, last spring.}


Anonymous said...

yeeeeeeah! Shelley you are so amazing.

Marie said...

Shelle, I always knew you were fabulous. Now the whole world knows! Congrats!

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