Monday, April 3, 2006

hold your ground...

the peeps up at ft. flaglerwhat a weekend. returned last night from ft. flagler up on the peninsula. cheesy, lea, josh and team put together a fabulous retreat under the whole "soldier of god" theme...

and you could tell it was planned by boys. :) contrast the cozy lodge, wood stoves, and hot tubs of the girls retreat with the barracks, bunkers, and no heat of the spring retreat. but it was worth it.

good timing for the weekend as we head into the last full week of lent. monsignor slepicka came up for Mass on saturday evening - and reminded us of the importance of what we're here to do in this world - and that no one else can fill that role.

spent some good time with some of my favorite people. it really began to hit home about the changes that are coming up. with amy, matt and jen off to steubey. josh and sam graduating. i needed to remind myself that the role we all play in one another's lives is to walk with others along our paths to heaven, however long their path coincides with ours.

the weekend was not without its excitement... from an absolutely hilarious movie of bhouse and dan, to a little head shaving action and the girls barracks setting off the fire alarm for the whole camp...when sam set off firecrackers in a rolling metal bucket.

there's nothing like seeing a hundred civil war re-enactment guys in their pajamas (who were sharing the fort with us) after they were evacuated from their barracks. you mean that we're not supposed to use fireworks on state park property, inside a wooden building?
imagine that!

took a few hundred photos (i loved being able to have a bunch of hams who were ready for the lens) and loved every minute i spent with the peeps. it's an amazing blessing to be able to share my time with them.

and if you have a few on the slideshow link! :)
View this video montage created at One True Media
hold your ground...

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