Sunday, April 9, 2006

holy week

a great homily tonight by father young, about how everything this week...

as we head into the final days of lent in preparation for the lord's passion and death at triduum, it's a good reminder of the importance of savoring these days before the joy of Easter is here.

i laugh at the irony in my own life, because this week is so busy. between work, travel for work, meetings, and classes, there's little to no spare time. little to no spare time in a week that really, truly deserves it. looks like i should be revamping the schedule. or as dani the brit says, "the sed-jewel". to make time to prepare my heart for the most solemn, and then joyous days of the year.

to help me (and you :) )...
ewtn rocks the house with some uber-sweet programming
the way of the cross (courtesy of the vatican)
xlt from lifeteen...making sense of lent

and because it couldn't be weirder if i made it up...
peeps in christchurch, new zealand actually need the bishop to remind them that going to Mass on Easter Sunday is more important than attending a semi-nude jelly wrestling contest.

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