Tuesday, March 14, 2006

top o' the evenin'

just in time for st. patrick's day...a few o'my favorites o'the day...
  1. inspired by kilipohi, changing the theme of viper's world a bit, to reflect the upcoming green celebration...
  2. finishing the last of the regional team captain universities tonight in puyallup/sumner/bonney lake. good to have those done. it's always fun to teach/train/scare the heck out of team captains by all they've just signed on for. :)
  3. downloading a few new tunes from itunes, among my favorites: time after time by cyndi lauper & sarah mclachlan, take my hand by the kry, moonshiner by barleyjuice, and boondocks by little big town.
  4. making a very fabulous chicken adobo tonight for dinner at 9:30 p.m.
  5. contemplating signing up for my first triathlon in lake chelan...any race that has answers like these for the FAQ sounds like fun to me...
  6. learning my bmw warranty goes for 45,000 more miles! life is good!
  7. finishing the layout of the april newsletter for relay, just need to format it and e-mail the rough draft to my purple peeps
  8. and the coolest news...guess who is a bridesmaid in mikey and kristine's wedding?
    i am, i am!!

1 comment:

kilipohi said...

I know you are super excited about all the fun things that you are going to do, but what I really wanted to comment on was the triathlon...YOU GO GIRL!!!

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