Monday, March 13, 2006

of encounter and lessons

just returned home this morning from the bellarmine girls' third encounter. a incredible weekend, for a good number of reasons. as the majority of encounter is considered a secret, a few selective e-props are below...
  • michael g - who surprised me via eddie and crystal, with a huge bag of goodies, including diet coke, candy and treats for my fabulous burgundy girls, and a card that was one of those "wow, that was perfect timing", i am so blessed by your friendship. hard to believe it's been nearly 7 years since our paths first crossed. and thanks for the advice in the card, it was good timing. i love you!
  • kevin d - a viper's world lurker that i didn't know i had. :) you are something else. you should know that what i received from you brought tears to my eyes. i'm humbled by your words, and hope that you continue to give back to this world as you already are doing! you have a big cheerleader in me. i'll sing your praises in recommendation letters whenever you want!
  • meghan (see the lollipop chick above) - you did a fabulous job on team. i was the lucky one in being your cabin mom, and you made it a joy to spend the weekend with you and the girls. i cannot wait to see where you go in life, and am looking forward to when our paths cross again. probably sooner than you think!
  • the super fabulous girls in the burgundy cabin - words can't describe how much you impressed me with your willingness to open up, share, grow, laugh, jump, and do obnoxious things that make me proud. i am blessed to know you. and gals, don't forget how much mama mauss loves you.
    one of our photos is above...check out my brown curls!
a few lessons i learned...
  • do not pack fifteen minutes before you leave. you will forget valuable things like toothpaste and a towel.
  • paper towels do not make an acceptable substitute for normal towels. anyone who tells you otherwise seeks paper cuts in their nether regions, and they are crazy.
  • you meet some pretty great people when you simply hang out and don't think about schedules, places to be, things to get done. simply being there. in the moment.
  • if you pay attention, you see some pretty incredible ways that god works. confession after 22 years of not going. hearts changed. eyes opened. forgiveness extended. hearts healed. seeds of faith planted. friendships made.
  • going on encounter, twelve years after your first one, still has some pretty fabulous surprises around each corner.
  • my crocs rock.
  • and my faith is something that i love. blessed by it. i simply love being catholic.

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