Thursday, March 9, 2006

word clouds

a snowy day. on the 18th floor of our building, you see all kinds of things. today, on two sides of the building, the snow was blowing sideways. on my side, where i look out the window, the snow was blowing UP past my window.

put some super fabulous color into my hair this afternoon, and it's the first time in years that i look at my hair and think....brunette.

and my uber-fabulous stylist is letting me let the cat out of the bag on her...she is the best. and she's accepting new clients. talk to me if you want to find her! you'll love her!

found a very cool link which makes a "word cloud" from your blog, and these were the words that stood out from viper's world. make your own!

and to be this guy.

thank god it's almost friday! tomorrow night is stations of the cross, swim class, and then off at o'dark hundred saturday morning (6 am) to bellarmine junior girls encounter for three days!

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