Tuesday, March 21, 2006

for my little brother

there are some moments which you just can't delete from the memory card.
and you use them to celebrate a birthday.

since mikey's in mexico, working in tijuana with his peeps from the western nccm, i feel safe publishing these to the world. :)

he turns 27 today. over the years, we've had our moments of fun, arguments, laughs, slamming of doors, plots against mom and dad, car accidents, dragging through the sand fights, adventures with mom driving and us in the backseat, and most recently, the growing of our family by his proposal to kristine.

i love you bud. may your next 27 years give you joy like you haven't yet experienced.

and it would help if you smiled nicely once in a while!

if you're wondering, the pics are from (l-r):
iowa, summertime at mom and dad's, the national cathedral in washington dc-just before Mass
maui, maui, christmas
maui, mom and dad's, kells

happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

what am i getting myself into?!

shelley said...

a really cool family.
trust me, you'll love us.
and you'll fit right in.

Anonymous said...

haha...i love you all. you're the best :)
wohooo! i get another sister!

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