Tuesday, January 31, 2006

long time, no bloggie

forgive me! i've been catching up on all kinds of things...
  • spring cleaning in the house (expect to see lots of goodies on eBay)
  • preparing to sell hundreds of candy grams for our relay for life team (want one?)
  • getting ready to mc the regional relay team captain university tomorrow night (it will be especially fun since brian, dave, and i will all be part of it. i've missed them.)
  • locating all my goodies needed to file my taxes this weekend (yea for tax cut!)
  • late night talks with miss erin (who i have really missed)
  • planning a super fabulous adventure to rome for mass with benedict xvi on pentecost (i'll be in italy over my birthday! and if we're lucky, we'll spend a few days in ireland...whoo hoo!)

taking in a few blogs last night, while checking out the nominations for the 2006 bloggie awards. some quick links to some of my favorites in the noms:

ahh, enough bloggie for now.

{insert sun dance i can actually get some good winter-will-end-and-spring-will-be-here-someday photos here in the northwest!}

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