Tuesday, January 31, 2006

guess what?

a very special e-birthday wish to miss kilipohi, who turns 29 today.

you amaze me with your strength, amuse me with your contagious laugh, and lift my spirits with your heart. thanks for being you.

most of you know i was supposed to spend saturday night celebrating kili's birthday and dancing away with the EM chicks up in seattle at the ballroom in fremont.

in my whining about my hair turning gray, forgetting things, and turning into a old lady...i forgot my driver's license.

since it was a 21 and over establishment...this was the exact quote i heard from the bouncer out front:

"twenty-eight? you don't look 21, much less 28. you're not getting in."

so lindsay had mercy on me, and the two of us walked to enjoy some milk and cookies at simply desserts. a perfect ending to a night where i "wasn't quite old enough" to hang with the 29 year old chicks. :)

have a super fabulous day, miss kili! i can't wait to actually celebrate WITH you!

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