Tuesday, January 24, 2006

just a few

Oh, the joys.

  • Being home, cozy in my pjs, after two weeks of nonstop schedules and travel.
  • Actually considering to consume more vegetables after lurking on the Vegan Lunch Box blog. This chick cracks me up...there's a chance that if I made my kids these meals, I'd blog them too!
  • Finally giving in to the VLB's recommendation of the Laptop Lunches. My Lunch Date is being UPSed to me as we speak. :) If I whip out a sweet little packed meal like hers, chances are high you'll see it here.
  • Lucy. A cool site that I found a few weeks ago. Again, stuff on the way from here too.
  • The sight of Amy almost spewing on the Prep Retreat. Keep in mind it's almost midnight, freezing, and we're filling our mouths with alka-seltzer and pop. Jen and I loved it.
  • Finalizing some great plans for our Relay Team. Designing the cool little link with a diva. And a great dinner at Primo Grill doesn't hurt, either!
  • Prepping for the Relay's Team Captain University next week, and in March. It will be so much fun to be on the agenda with Marlow again. There are some things that are always fun.
  • Reaching a new low in my weight. Just under twenty pounds off since last summer. And you know what? Two of the gals in water aerobics told me "I'm their inspiration!" I love it!
  • Heading to bed early. Which means I'm signing off now!

Good night!

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