Monday, January 23, 2006

a few scenes from retreat...

A little e-prop to Miss Jennifer, who was the world's best small group leader...who made the weekend simply delicious for me. She is simply amazing.

Just realized I never posted the photo from the Prep Retreat last Sunday night...which had people up until 4-5 a.m...and the little white things are alka-seltzer, from the world's most disgusting, but really fun game, spew.

Sometimes, you just need a little Kili-dancing to make you smile!

JPII (aka Dan) and Mother Teresa (who is remarkably not wrinkled), who made their debut in Washington State this weekend...

The super fabulous small group...

One last one...of an unhappy Amy drowsing off at the was just priceless. :)

1 comment:

Amy said...

Did anyone tell you that we got Father Young to "do the dove"!!! :) It was soooo funny!

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