Friday, December 16, 2005

of unbirthdays and sephora

Seriously, we must keep the doors of Sephora open. Every single one of us received gifts from the super fabulous chick store, and it was heavenly. I got the sweetest cosmopolitan body powder, and everyone around me will sparkle for the next few weeks. It's that much fun. And Kris's sweet idea of samples instead of bows absolutely rocks!

In true fabulous foursome tradition, it was a double celebration - to celebrate Christmas but to also celebrate un-birthday girl Chrissy Pissy (seen in the green suede jacket), who was born on Dec. 24th. And her only wish was that we'd learn poker. And while she was ready to throw the deck at us on more than one occasion, we actually played a few hands. In the meantime, Dani and I mastered the art of "if you're not going to win this hand, you better learn the art of distraction so you can swipe some of their chips when they're not looking"...this fine technique has been named asbals. See if you can figure out that one!

A very special Happy Unbirthday goes out to Chrissy, until her birthday wish can be extended on the 24th. Just wait. You'll see the side of her that I see most.

And a special thanks to Kris, for hosting us for a truly fabulous celebration. You are the master mixologist, and sweet secret recipe meatball maker!


Kris said...

God Bless Sephora!
We are TRULY FABULOUS aren't we?!
I love you guys! You make my world a much brighter place to be. Thank you for all you bring to my life and thanks for letting my wee-one Kakin and hubby Sir Timothy participate in the festivities last night. Kakin thinks are are all nuts!

Kris said...

Almost forgot....I do mix a darn fine CAB, don't I?!

(CAB=Cold Adult Beverage)

shelley said...

Darn fine doesn't even begin to describe it.

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