Thursday, November 24, 2005

I love Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving in the Harbor. Viper showing off her new Santa jacket. She knew she couldn't get in the car to see Andy without keeping it on, so it's been on her all afternoon and evening. Even now - when she's sound asleep in her basket - she's still wearing it. I can't believe she hasn't taken it off!

We got some sweet Christmas-themed shots (see above)...but there's a small chance that the Digital Rebel may be out of commission! I'm asking St. Jude to be on this one like white on rice.
Before the Rebel stopped shooting, I also snapped my favorite shot which has been designed into my Christmas card. You'll see it in the mail...snail mail, that is.

But the best surprises were found in the new kitchen...Mom and Dad tore out all their cabinets and all the appliances (except for the dishwasher) and put in brand-new everything. New tile, wood floor (in places), stainless steel appliances, and a sweet little wine cooler built into the cabinets. Mom loves the water/ice dispenser on the fridge's front door (evidently, we are the LAST family in the US to get that feature) and added in cool shelves above the sink, Corian countertops and taller cabinets above the fridge. Dad surprised Mom with a flat panel TV to go with the new Comcast DVR box. (Have I mentioned JUST HOW MUCH I love Comcast? I do! I do! If it were a person, I'd marry him!) They also took out the big beam/support that was on the countertop, and it opened up the kitchen so well.

So to help you see how sweet it's a little slideshow! (note that dad is busy preparing the turkey, which he did NOT share with me. good thing i didn't starve while i was waiting for dinner) And if you watch carefully, you may catch a glimpse of me in the stove... :)

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Anonymous said...

FYI- I think that my family gets the title of last family in the US to have a water dispenser in the kitchen (other than the sink) because we're still waiting for it! Mind you, we just got a microwave about 7 years ago and it was a HUGE deal...

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