Saturday, November 26, 2005

thank god it's friday!

Somehow, going to the office for three and a half hours mentally changes the coolest four day weekend of the year into a normal weekend. How lame is that?!? I was still home today by 11 a.m., but it really was a challenge to get up this morning at 5. But lots of "get back into the flow" things happened today...cleaned the house, hung the Christmas wreath on the front door with red ribbon, organized and started wrapping Christmas presents, and spent quality time with Viper, the wonder pooch.

Miss Kili joined me in the pool tonight for class...and somehow, our laugh reminded people of dolphins. I think the guy meant it as a compliment - but for the love! Are you kidding?!?

My joys for today...

  • The G Family. I am so excited to spend tomorrow night up in Seattle with Michael G, ♥Mama G♥ and Papa G...they are such a blessing to me...and I get to eat brown peep food!! :)
  • Vanilla Creme Frosted Mini Wheats - try them. You will love them. A special thanks to Vickie for introducing me to them. Everyone who tries them loves them, and they are freaking addictive. Trust me. I know you're wanting to go buy them now. :)
  • The guy at Butterfly Photo - He's making sure that my new digital 8 MP Rebel will be in my hands tomorrow by noon, straight from Brooklyn. I owe him a big one... (PS - Pretty sure I will be selling my old 6 MP Rebel sometime in January or February, let me know if you're interested!!)
  • Miss Kilipohi - I'm so excited you're joined the e-world of blogging...and thanks for showing me the music codes! :) And you know what I heard? If you drink a lot of Crystal Light, you have to pee.
  • The Whole Freaking Babbitt Family. I'm excited to see everyone tomorrow afternoon. Let's all do our I-don't-want-it-to-rain dance today so the rain goes away!!

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